14:00 – Doors open

15:00 – Session 1: The Motive for Jesus
16:15 – Break
16:45 – Session 2: The Strategy for Mission
18:00 – Break
19:30 – Session 3: The Cost of Mission
21:00 – Close



We want the annual Irish Youth Convention to be a gathering where God’s Word will be proclaimed faithfully, clearly and creatively, so that God’s people (in particular young people) are encouraged to become faithful followers of Christ. At the heart of the Irish Youth Convention is reading, hearing and understanding what is in the Bible and applying it to life as a young person, in the 21st Century.


Graham Daniels

General Director, Christians in Sport

Graham became a Christian in 1983, at the age of 21. He has been an associate staff member at St Andrew the Great, Cambridge since 2000, the General Director of Christians in Sport since 2002 and the director of Cambridge United Football Club since 2013. Graham is married to Michelle and they have three children and three grandchildren. His passion since becoming a Christian has been to reach the world of sport for Christ.


Jonny Beare – Chair of IYC

Husband to Susanna, father of 2 and Associate Minister in St Elizabeth’s Church, Dundonald

We all want to be part of something big… we all want our lives to count for something… we all want to make a difference in the world. Well, Jesus invites those who put their trust in him into the biggest movement of all time – the church! And he’s given the church a mission; something of eternal significance to be involved in – to see that the all people get to hear the good news about the forgiveness and life that is freely available through his death on the cross.

But for many young people, being part of the church and sharing in this mission can be a pretty isolating experience. Sharing the gospel can come with significant cost. It can be tough going, and many young people can feel like giving up.

Attending something like IYC can remind young people that they are not alone. That they are part of something bigger. That others are involved in the mission of Jesus. This year, we are excited that Graham Daniels (Christians in Sport) has agreed to join us, and lead three sessions reminding it is a privilege to being part of Jesus’ mission, equipping us to be effective in that mission and helping us to count the cost and see that He is worthy.

If you’re a parent, please consider sending your child(ren) along to IYC? If you’re a youth leader why not bring a group? If you’re a teenager pester your parents and/or youth leaders, and we’ll see you at the Irish Youth Convention!

Yours in Christ


About IYC

The Irish Youth Convention is an interdenominational group of evangelical Christians, with a desire to see generations of young people raised up to be disciple making disciples of Jesus Christ. The IYC committee shares the basis of faith of Christian Conventions. Above all, IYC shares the belief that “all Scripture is God breathed” and is “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3: 16). Our desire is to see God’s Word communicated faithfully, clearly and creatively so that generations of young people are raised up to live out their Christian faith in their homes, their schools, their local churches and in the wider community.

Committee Members:

Keith McIlwaine
Involved in local church youth work for 10 years at Hamilton Road Baptist. Married to Ruth, father to George and longing for Sheffield Wednesday to return to the Premiership.
Matthew Campbell
Born and raised in Ballymena and is a member of Ballymena Baptist Church. After studying Maths at Queens University for 3 years, he began a Theology degree at the Irish Baptist College and has been working as Baptist Youth Director since January 2016. His dream is to see Arsenal win the Premier League title in the next 3 years.
Peter Wright
Youth Worker in Hill Street Presbyterian Church since 2009. Before that I studied Theology at Union Theological College before completing a MTh in Theology while working part time in Hill Street. Married to Linda and have recently become proud owner of a miniature schnauzer pup called Watson!
Hannah Dowling
Assistant Youth and Children's Worker at St Elizabeth's Church, Dundonald. She has been on the staff team there for 4 years and before that she studied Theology at Union College, Belfast. She is married to Thomas and spends most of her free time eating pizza with him!
Aaron Douglas
Youth worker at Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church.
Johnny Beare
Been involved in full-time youth ministry since 2000 and currently Youth & Children's Worker in St Elizabeth's Church (Dundonald).

Also John Roger, Rachael Gamble and Jason Nicoll.