13:30 – Doors open

14:00 – Session 1: 
15:15 – Break (treats provided)
15:45 – Session 2: 
17:00 – Break (buy your dinner in Bangor)
18:30 – Session 3: 
20:00 – Close



We want the annual Irish Youth Convention to be a gathering where God’s Word will be proclaimed faithfully, clearly and creatively, so that God’s people (in particular young people) are encouraged to become faithful followers of Christ. At the heart of the Irish Youth Convention is reading, hearing and understanding what is in the Bible and applying it to life as a young person, in the 21st Century.


Andy Prime

Church Planter, 20schemes

Andy’s married to Sarah, and they have a son called Reuben and a dog called Sanka. He is a graduate from Oak Hill College (London) and was an Associate Pastor at Charlotte Chapel (Edinburg). In 2014 he left Charlotte Chapel to join 20schemes and in 2017 planted a church in a housing scheme of Edinburgh called Gracemount.

It was at the age of 14, as Andy attended an Ambassadors In Sport soccer school where he was challenged by the witness of the Christian coaches, and convicted by the teaching of Scripture to put into practice what he already knew about Jesus (Matthew 7:24-27). It was at that event he was convicted of his sin, and asked the Lord Jesus for forgiveness.


Jonny Beare – Chair of IYC

Husband to Susanna, father of 2 and Associate Minister in St Elizabeth’s Church, Dundonald

This year at IYC we’ll be delving into the Old Testament book of Ecclesiastes. We’ve called this year’s Convention ‘Meaningless!’ I agree, it’s not the most encouraging title for a fun-packed youth event! And yet, it captures what is at the very heart of this unique book. ‘Meaningless! Meaningless!’ says the Teacher. Uttery meaningless! Everything is meaningless! (Ecc 1.2). That’s all the Teacher could say as he observed the world around him. But the Teacher couldn’t see the whole picture. Yes, he had fleeting moments of hope – that God will judge evil somehow – but he doesn’t know about Jesus.

Many of our young people feel identify with the Teacher, as they observe the world around them. They’re all to aware that it’s a long way from the perfect world God created, instead it is characterised by injustice, sorrow and huge frustration. But at IYC 2022 we want to remind them that we live after Jesus’ death and resurrection, and we know God hasn’t left things in a frustrating mess. God’s ultimate plan for His people and His creation is to experience freedom and life through His Son, Jesus.

We want young people to know for sure that in Christ there is an answer to the meaningless and frustration we see around us. We’d love to welcome as many young people as possible to IYC 2022. We want them to have fun, enjoy praising God together and above all else learn from the wisdom of this great Old Testament book. Church leaders, youth leaders, parents…please do send your young people along to IYC 2022. If we can help you in any way please do get in touch.

Yours in Christ

Johnny Beare


About IYC

The Irish Youth Convention is an interdenominational group of evangelical Christians, with a desire to see generations of young people raised up to be disciple making disciples of Jesus Christ. The IYC committee shares the basis of faith of Christian Conventions. Above all, IYC shares the belief that “all Scripture is God breathed” and is “useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness” (2 Timothy 3: 16). Our desire is to see God’s Word communicated faithfully, clearly and creatively so that generations of young people are raised up to live out their Christian faith in their homes, their schools, their local churches and in the wider community.

Committee Members:

Keith McIlwaine
Involved in local church youth work for 10 years at Hamilton Road Baptist. Married to Ruth, father to George and longing for Sheffield Wednesday to return to the Premiership.
Matthew Campbell
Born and raised in Ballymena and is a member of Ballymena Baptist Church. After studying Maths at Queens University for 3 years, he began a Theology degree at the Irish Baptist College and has been working as Baptist Youth Director since January 2016. His dream is to see Arsenal win the Premier League title in the next 3 years.
Peter Wright
Youth Worker in Hill Street Presbyterian Church since 2009. Before that I studied Theology at Union Theological College before completing a MTh in Theology while working part time in Hill Street. Married to Linda and have recently become proud owner of a miniature schnauzer pup called Watson!
Hannah Dowling
Assistant Youth and Children's Worker at St Elizabeth's Church, Dundonald. She has been on the staff team there for 4 years and before that she studied Theology at Union College, Belfast. She is married to Thomas and spends most of her free time eating pizza with him!
Aaron Douglas
Youth worker at Hamilton Road Presbyterian Church.
Johnny Beare
Been involved in full-time youth ministry since 2000 and currently Youth & Children's Worker in St Elizabeth's Church (Dundonald).

Also  Rachael Gamble and Jason Nicoll.