Section 0 – Speaker

IYC 2022: Meaningless?
Saturday 19th November 2022 (1:30-8:00pm)
Speaker: Andy Prime

Andy’s married to Sarah, and they have a son called Reuben and a dog called Sanka. He is a graduate from Oak Hill College (London) and was an Associate Pastor at Charlotte Chapel (Edinburg). In 2014 he left Charlotte Chapel to join 20schemes and in 2017 planted a church in a housing scheme of Edinburgh called Gracemount.
It was at the age of 14, as Andy attended an Ambassadors In Sport soccer school where he was challenged by the witness of the Christian coaches, and convicted by the teaching of Scripture to put into practice what he already knew about Jesus
(Matthew 7:24-27). It was at that event he was convicted of his sin, and asked theLord Jesus for forgiveness.