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Being a teenager definitely isn’t easy! Pressure seems to come from all quarters; the need to excel academically, the need to be accepted, the need to belong, and so on. Yet, we must not let our young people buy into the lie that these are their greatest needs. For as with young people from every generation and every culture their greatest need is to have their relationship with their heavenly Father restored. The glorious gospel of Jesus Christ is the answer to that universal need, and it is that gospel which we will seek to have proclaimed at every Irish Youth Convention. Wouldn’t it be great to see many young people find the solution to their greatest need through the preaching of the gospel at IYC? Wouldn’t it be amazing to see many more grow in confidence in that Gospel?

If you’re a parent please consider sending your child(ren) along to IYC? If you’re a youth leader why not bring a group? If you’re a teenager pester your parents and/or youth leaders, and we’ll see you at the Irish Youth Convention!

Yours in Christ,

Johnny Beare – Chair IYC
Husband to Susanna, father of 2, long suffering Liverpool supporter and Associate Minister in St Elizabeth’s Church (Dundonald)